Student Founders - Application
Are you a student looking to apply (or re-apply) for access to The House student community and space? Tell us a little bit about yourself, your interests, and what you are working on.
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Give us a brief description of what you are working on. If you have a link to share, please do. *

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Do you have teammates working on your project with you? *

If so, please note they MUST submit a separate application as well.
What is the name of your project? *

If you have teammates please be sure to enter the same exact project name. If you haven't named it yet, please make up a name :)
Is this project affiliated with a student org? If yes, which one? *

Which student orgs are you associated with? *

Did you have access to The House in the past? *

How was your past experience with us? What are some changes you'd like to see? *

Did you receive a key fob from us in the past? *

Will you want afterhours access? *

Note that regular hours end at 6:00pm
What will be your primary use of the space? *

When do you wish to start having access to The House? *

The date can be tentative.
In addition to access to our space, how else can we help you?

Is there anything else that you would like to know or ask us about?

How did you hear about The House?

Thank you for applying! We'll be in touch soon. From now until September 8th, please reach out to for any questions and space access/reservations during this grace period.
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